01_ICE-CHEST-3-copy-680x453Summer is, well, hot. It’s coincidentally the season when you’re most likely to host outdoor events such as pool parties and barbecues.

Why are we outdoors so often when the temperatures rise? Two words: ice cream.

So how do you keep your LaLoo’s goat’s milk ice cream from melting? Eat it. Quickly.

Okay, seriously though. Because melted ice cream is no laughing matter, here’s a brilliant solution to keep your ice cream chilled until dessert.

When a cooler or tub of ice isn’t enough, purchase a few blocks of dry ice from the grocery store, and, being careful not to handle the dry ice with bare hands (use gloves!), place the blocks into freezer bags and then into an aluminum tub. Wrap the tub in a cute blanket or decorative fabric to act as a sort of giant koozie.

Now your LaLoo’s will stay frozen for up to a few hours. If you can wait that long!