LaLoos-Goat-Milk-Ice-CreamHi Everyone,

Welcome to Yum Yum Wednesday!  Since, ummmm, bikini season is just about here, especially in California I think we could, ok me, could use a little debloating.  Nothing worse than putting on your bathing suit and seeing a big pouch!  So today I am bringing back the Debloating Smoothie.  Everything in the recipe will refresh you and help debloat you!  It’s made with Banana’s, Strawberries, Pineapple, Spinach and Coconut Milk.  It’s not only healthy, it is delicious!  Remember to drink lots and lots of water and if at all possible stay away from salt.  If you can do that for a few days and drink my Debloating Smoothie in the morning, this should help with bloating you may have.

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– Jennifer Drummond, Blogger