Our partners and our planet. Let’s keep it this way.

Laloo’s partners with like-minded companies who put best practices in place to ensure a sustainable earth. Together we hope to shift our way of thinking about consumption.

EpicSource-LogoteamEpic Source Foods, located in historic Frisco, Texas, is the managing partner of the LaLoo’s Ice Cream Company. We are a small foundational company that take brands to the next level. We are obsessed with continually working to include the freshest ingredients and strive to deliver the best tasting sustainable products possible. Epic Source Foods partnered with LaLoo’s in February 2013 and have enjoyed every moment of our growth across the United States and into Canada. Growing our base of consumers, one spoon at a time, is our life’s passion. We have spent months on the road at shows and stores across the country giving tasting to thousands and thousands of people. New flavors are coming soon, including the highly sought after Black Mission Fig. Harvest shortages have kept that flavor out of production for the last 2 years.

If you have any questions Contact Chris Smith our Director of Cool Stuff (National Sales) or Tim Millson- Mayor (CEO) with any questions or concerns on carrying our delicious portfolio.

OUR TEAM (pictured above at our corporate office)

Tim Millson, CEO  tmillson@epicsourcefoods.com
Judy Rhodes, Accounting
Chris Smith, Natl. Sales   csmith@epicsourcefoods.com
Lori Sirmen, Marketing
Gayle Franks, Sales Support
Julia Sheaffer, RD-QC
Brian Sharp, Logistics-IT
Ms. Udders (our traveling mascot)



The Lexicon of Sustainability aims to capture the language of sustainablilty. To engage, educate and activate people to pay closer attention to how they eat, what they buy, and where their responsibility begins for creating a healthier, safer food system in America.






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