Move Your Hoofs

In order to differentiate ourselves even more from other ice creams out there, Laloo’s, (still the world’s most popular Goat Milk Ice Cream) has brought on what may be a first for an ice cream brand; a CMO (Chief Movement Officer) Matt McGuire. For years our brand was marketed as a better milk option for the 50+ million people with cow or soy allergies and equally untold millions with upper respiratory issues. It was also sold as good for you because of all the additional nutritional benefits in goat milk and the earth friendly impact goats have on the land vs. our larger than VW Beetle counterparts, cows! All of that’s true, but one very important word was missing from our statements, MOVEMENT! Without movement, exercise, portion control and a balance in your life, no amount of good food can help you live the life you deserve. Thus the birth of our new marketing experience “Move Your Hoofs”.

Along with our “Move your Hoofs” campaign we chose now to unveil our brand new packaging along with 4 new flavors including Mystic Strawberry, Sea Salt Caramel, Capraccino Almond Fudge and Black Mission Fig. The addition of Matt McGuire, one of DFW’s best fitness guru’s and owner of Fit Body Boot Camp Frisco will allow us to educate and motivate consumers to develop a good habit lifestyle. Matt will provide free tips and motivation w/ downloadable exercise options for every age and stage of life you are in along with making himself available to answer questions and provide personal touches to your workout routine. We did this because we believe with every fiber of our soul that meaningful marketing is the right thing to do. We also took time to clean up our ingredients by removing the carrageenan and added safety seals to insure a perfect pint every time.

Your better life starts the day you decide to move more, although we must remind you to let your Dr. know your plans. “Move your Hoofs” is a celebration for your body that asks you to commit to taking care of yourself, to spend more time outdoors and with friends and family. People, just like goats, are social and NEED interaction and as Matt says, “We can’t be our best living in isolation!” People will quickly notice your new look and attitude (if you take it serious) and that’s all it takes to motivate others. Thus “Move Your Hoofs” truly begins a movement! And remember, the more you move; the more ice cream you can eat without gaining an ounce:) That’s what we call a truly guiltless indulgence. Let’s do this!

Each week, we’ll introduce a new total body workout and challenge for the week.  My hope is that you will be inspired to get moving. We’re going to start you with some basic moves and progressively ramp up the intensity each week.  If you’re a beginner, make sure you get the ok with your Dr to start an exercise program before getting started. And if you have any questions on anything related to exercise and nutrition, feel free to email me at  If you’re ready to join a group and get exceptional guidance, accountability, and motivation, click on to find the one nearest you!

So without further ado, let’s “Move Your Hoofs”!



Matt McGuire, NSCA-CPT, Owner of Fit Body Boot Camp Frisco
B.S. Exercise and Sports Science
Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

“Move Your Hoofs” kick-off at Fit Body Boot Camp Frisco.

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