Goat's milk is amazingly similar to mother's milk.

Do you know anyone interested in the slow food movement, green eco-agriculture and who loves ice cream? They may be perfect for our marketing team.

Laloo's ® (pronounced Lay-looz), a gourmet natural food company in Sonoma County is looking for fun, smart and motivated people to travel around the US to spread the word about Laloo's ®. Team members (the "Laloonatics") will be responsible for creating excitement and producing tasting events at natural food stores (especially WF) on evenings and weekends.

Laloo's ® is looking for exceptional and outstanding performers to promote to executive marketing positions at the company. If you know anyone who is looking for a new career in the fun, sustainable, natural foods industry please send them this email!

Job description:

Evangelize the brand! Give away free ice cream! Engage shoppers with samples and information about surprisingly delicious taste and amazing health benefits of Laloo's ®. Laloonatics will manage all communications with store contacts, set up/take down of demo, document demos and store follow-up.

The "Laloonatics" should be self-motivated, gregarious and responsible people looking for an opportunity within a fast-growing sustainable business.

Laloonatics will receive thorough training via the web and must have their own computer.


Fees paid relative to coverage area and includes company perks (free stuff) and bonus based on performance.

KEY CITIES: NYC, San Francisco, Austin, Dallas, Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, Boston and Washington DC

Please contact Liz to learn more about being a Laloonatic.


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