Exercise Form Guide

Band Pulldown

Band Row

Bent Over Row

Bird Dog


Butt Kicks

Cross Body Mountain Climbers

Crossover Jacks

DB Shoulder Press

DB Pullovers

Deadlift to Bicep Curl

Goblet Squat

Hollow Body Hold (beginner, advanced)

Jump Squats

Lateral Band Walk

Lateral Jumps

Lateral Lunge Left to Bicep Curl

Lateral Lunge Right to Front Raise

Lunge to Lateral Raise/Bicep Curls

Mountain Climber

One Legged Deadlift

Plank to Pushup

Push-up to Arm Raise

Pushup to Hop in

Russian Twist

Seated Knee Tucks

Side Plank

Side Plank with Hip Up Down

Slider Hamstring Curls

Slider Hamstring Curls (Advanced)


Squats to Press

Standing Chest Press

Tricep Extensions

Turkish Get Up

Windshield Wipers