About Us

LaLoo’s, by Funny Farm is a women/employee owned company, founded on a commitment to creating a bridge between healthy living and happiness. We believe that people who care deeply about what they choose for their families and their own bodies know that goat’s milk is the better choice when it comes to dairy. We are the ones that invented non-twangy goat milk. Our milk is from goats on a strict grass and alfalfa diet, part of the reason we have a better tasting milk. Combined with proper refrigeration, not having to collect milk for days (like most farms) and no transporting our milk hundreds of miles proves goat milk can taste just like cow milk when handled right. We have straight from the goat to production ability with the creamery located right there on the “you could eat off the floor clean farm.” Thus, we own the phrase “We Take the Goat Out of Goat Milk.” ™ Or as my little girl likes to say, “There’s No Twang In Our Thang.”

We assume you have experienced how ice cream can be that perfect path to happiness in the moment, but the after effects of consuming non-goat dairy products have been unhappy for too many for too long. LaLoo’s is made with 100% goat’s milk which means it is higher in nutrient rich protein, lower in fat and much easier to digest for the 200+ million people who are lactose sensitive, allergic to cow’s or soy milk or demand dairy from a more sustainable animal, the goat; whose ratio of grass eaten to milk produced is superior, a much smaller carbon hoofprint. And did you know goat milk is the closest thing to mothers’ milk on the planet? Goats are born between 4-6 lbs. and grow to be 140-160 lbs. (sound familiar). Cows are born at 80-100lbs. and grow to be 1600 lbs. or more. Which one matches your body size best? I call that your ahh-haa moment! You won’t find long, complicated ingredients listed on our nutrition panels, just honest goat goodness. Grab a spoon and join the goat milk revolution!

The Company


Epic Source Foods, located in historic Frisco, Texas, is the sole owner of the LaLoo’s Ice Cream Company as well as Funny Farm Foods which includes the world’s first goat cheese mac and cheese, goat cheese cheddar popcorn, goat cheese frozen pizza and goat cheese crackers, (we also have a fresh cheese line but we hear other farms do this too) all from the delicious, sustainable goat currently sold across the globe.

We utilize family owned farms and production facilities located in the goat capital of the world, Wisconsin, to produce and package our products. We continually work to provide the freshest, cleanest ingredients available in all Epic products. Likewise, we strive to deliver the highest quality, best tasting products possible. We grow our base of consumers, one spoon at a time, which is our life’s passion. We spend months on the road at shows and in stores across the country providing tastings to thousands and thousands of people each year to showcase our products.

Our new flavors are finally here in our beautifully received new packaging. Included in the new flavors are the highly requested Mystic Strawberry, Sea Salt Caramel and Capraccino Almond Fudge. Our groovy new retro package takes you back to a simpler time when ice cream socials were far more popular than texting. We prove every day that better milk makes better ice cream.

If you have any feedback please contact Tim Millson- Mayor (Sales and Marketing) with any questions or requests on carrying or locating our delicious portfolio.


Tim Millson, CEO & Mayor tmillson@epicsourcefoods.com
Julia Millson, CFO & President jmillson@epicsourcefoods.com
Kari Thibeault, Head Bean Counter (Controller)
Gayle Franks, Promotions Princess (Sales / Marketing Support)
Brian Sharp, Deputy of Data (Logistics-IT)
Ms. Udders (our traveling mascot)