Get Your Goat: Make an Ice Cream Goat Sundae

Sometimes, it’s perfectly fine to play with your food. We do it here at LaLoo’s, and here’s why: Food should be fun!

Because LaLoo’s is made from fresh, delicious goat’s milk, […]

Ways to Reuse Empty LaLoo’s Ice Cream Containers

At LaLoo’s, we love green. And not just because Rumplemint, one of our deliciously creamy ice creams, is green! Green means good for the environment, too. Our favorite way to be […]

Putin Blanco and Olaf’s Super Melt

Putin Blanco: (a frozen cocktail) Kaluha and Vodka with a small round scoop of Vanilla Snowflake.

Olaf’s Super Melt*: Vanilla Snowflake milkshake, just add goat milk! Serve with carrots.  (alternate: carrot […]

The Drunken Goat: Frosty Adult Beverage Made with LaLoo’s

Milkshakes are pretty awesome. But there are two things that can make a milkshake better. One of those things is using healthy, creamy goat’s milk ice cream in place of […]