Delicious and creamy, Laloo’s® super premium ice cream is made with 100% goat’s milk. With the custard-like-old-fashioned-ice-cream-parlor-taste you love and the superior digestibility your body deserves, Laloo’s® ice cream is the obvious choice for guilt-free indulgence. Slow-farmed and kitchen-fresh, Laloo’s® loves you back!

Add some LaLoo's Vanilla Ice Cream to this recipe and enjoy!...
Happy Father's Day! Share some ice cream with dad today.
Don't forget to put your flag out today. It's FLAG DAY.
It's National Iced Tea Day! Here's where you can get some free iced tea:...
Goats excel at learning and here is the study to prove it:
LaLoo's is in Portland, Oregon for the UNFI Show at booth 924. Go by and meet the team!
Happy Memorial Day
Smallest goat ever? Everyone needs one of these to carry around in their pocket:...
May 15th is National Chocolate Chip Day! Add some LaLoo's Ice Cream and you're good to go.
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